How SEO Marketing Can Help Your Business in Selling Seasonal Products

How SEO Marketing Can Help Your Business in Selling Seasonal Products

No matter how far the holidays are, marketers have started to optimize content for the sessional SEO. But do you know how important this seasonal SEO is? and should you start planning SEO techniques for any seasonal SEO? So, let’s talk about sessional SEO, and to whom it matters etc.


What is seasonal SEO?

Seasonal SEO or search engine optimization is just like simple SEO but optimized for a specific season. For example, candies are mostly sold when Halloween or Easter comes. So, candy makers would optimize their content according to that season. There are costume makers who like to put SEO strategies specifically for events like Halloween etc. Swimsuits are used and worn in summer seasons when people go swimming. So, the manufacturers of this line of products focus on the summer season and optimize their content according to it.


Seasonal SEO and its importance

Seasonal SEO is important as the content is put on the internet at the specific time when the demand rises. It helps in promotion of the product in a very effective manner. But the timing is also very essential when you optimize your content according to any holiday or season. For example, if you’re going to post content related to Eid al-Fitr, you will have to post it one month before the start of Ramadan. You can’t expect to get a good response by posting content a week before the Eid al-Fitr. If you are offering services related to summer childcare, you would have to advertise your services and activities when the concern of people starts shifting towards it. Time is a very crucial factor and content must be optimized as the interest in the holiday or season starts to rise.


In the UAE, the most commonly used seasonal SEO is key search terms that are related to summer and Eid. This is because a large volume of shipping is done during that period of a year.


Should you adopt seasonal SEO or not?

According to the stats, most of the toys are given as Christmas gifts. So, for the toy stores, Christmas is the time of the year which makes it or breaks it. If you’re selling something that goes to peak in a season like toys, then seasonal SEO is essential for you. This means that you must plan your content for the season long before people start shopping for it. For this, you would have to research on the search terms and phrases that you use to make sure that correct key search terms are used in product listings or content marketing to make your business appear on the top.


You should post on TIME; not too much before it, not after it. Winter coats would be a perfect example for this. Imagine a company selling coats in the summer season when people are out in the market searching for swimwear and other summer clothes. You should start advertising before the actual season but not in the season when there isn’t any demand for it. The best time would be the time when the demand starts to rise as mentioned above. Seasonal SEO is a valuable investment if it increases your sales to a significant level. For example, wines are popular for a lot of events like New Year’s Eve and June weddings etc. So, a wine vendor can create content for both seasons.


Businesses that have demands of their products and services throughout the year don’t need to worry about seasonal SEO. For example, restaurants; they see a rise in visits during some events like Christmas, but they get a lot of customers during the other times of the year also. So, they don’t need to invest a lot in seasonal SEO as they have a strong business already. Plumbing stores, doctors, and many other businesses also don’t need to spend time or money on seasonal SEO techniques unless they are selling a product or offering a service that is associated with a season.


The conclusion

So, the adoption of seasonal SEO depends upon the industry of your business. If the demand and sale of your products or services are constant throughout the year then it doesn’t matter much whether you use seasonal SEO or not. But if your sales and demands are linked to a season then the seasonal search engine optimization techniques must a part of your normal SEO.


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