Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking

Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking

Many people claim that their website doesn’t appear on Google for its target keywords. This is a very heartbreaking thing for people who put a lot of effort on their websites and don’t get any results. The best method to generate traffic out of all the methods available is “organic search traffic”.

If you want to know the reason why your website is not on the listing and how you can fight with reasons then you have come to the right place.

1. Check your website for a penalty

If websites start violating Webmaster Guidelines then Google penalizes them sometimes. The penalty may range from ranking them low or completely deleting from the search results. Over the years and with the advancement in technology, the search engine algorithm of Google has been improved in order to avoid Webmaster manipulation.

Few reasons why Google puts a penalty on your website are:

  • If there is some hidden link or text
  • If you copy content from other websites
  • If your website has been cloaked
  • If keyword stuffing is done on your website
  • If the links you use on your website are bought

Google sometimes puts a penalty on a website whose ownership has been transferred from one person to another. If you find a penalty that was put while the previous owner’s time then in order to remove the penalty you would have to submit a reconsideration request.

2. Your website is new

It may be possible that Google doesn’t know that your website exists if you have just launched the website. This is because the working of search engines involves following links that direct to web pages and websites. Four weeks would be taken by Google to index your website if there are no links on it. This process is not an instantaneous one. You can never rush it. But still, in order to speed up the Google processes, you can submit your website’s sitemap or URL to Google. If there are a lot of pages on your website then sitemaps are the best option.

The URL and every page are listed on your website with the help of sitemaps. It acts as a guide for the search engine so that they may find your pages and index them. You can create it by any third party, XML, or manually.

3. Wrongly targeting the keywords

For generating the right traffic it is very important to select keywords wisely and precisely. For example, it is considered that short tail keywords are better in generating traffic than the long tail keywords. But we can’t guarantee results from it due to all the competition nowadays. In fact, using short tail keywords may increase the competition as a lot of websites are focusing on short tail keywords.

The actual truth is that you should use long tail keywords as you want your website to be ranked high. Now, how you can find best keywords for your website. It’s not that difficult as it looks. Google AdWords Planner is designed to guide you on issues related to keywords. It tells you about the average bid prices competition and keyword search volume and the best thing is that it is totally free of cost.

4. Lack of good content

One of the things important for ranking is the content you publish on your website. A site which has copied or low quality will face difficulties ongoing on the top of the ranking. Google specific algorithm targets only those websites for ranking which has good and original content and it lowers the ranking of websites that have bad quality content.

Actually, Google won’t show your website in ranking if it has content which is not satisfactory.

There was a time when it was quite easy to rank up publishing articles and other content that was low in quality. But that time is over. Now, you have to create content that is well written, well researched and has been optimized properly.

5. Lack of proper optimization

People are in a constant competition with each other and with this growing SEO trend if you don’t optimize content according to the current needs then you would definitely fall behind others.

If you want to improve the optimization then read the following tips:

  • Ensure that each page of your website has its specific Meta description and unique title tags.
  • Internal linking must be proper to guide the visitors to the relevant pages
  • Add images with your text-based content in order to enhance it
  • The same content shouldn’t be published on more than one page. If you need to then just some part of not a full page
  • Don’t forget to create the page of privacy policy and terms of the agreement related to your website
  • The content must be relevant to the visitors, not the search engines
  • It is good to publish content with high word count and long tail keywords

6. Keeping a check on bad user experiences

A single bad user experience can result in a lot of damage to your website.

UX is very important regarding bad user experience. Mostly visitors complain about slow loading of the website, text in a font that is difficult to read and unfriendly mobile designs. This gives an advantage to the other websites of getting on the top in Google’s ranking.

There are many ways to prevent bad UX issues. One of them is to visit your website not for yourself but as any common visitor. In this way, you’ll see issues that your website contains.

7. Google facing difficulty in crawling

There are Google spiders technically called Google’s robots that determine how your website should be indexed and ranked by carefully analyzing it. But it doesn’t function sometimes because your robots.txt files get modified.

Actually, robots.txt file purpose is to check which search engines have access to your website. In order to be indexed, you must allow Google to crawl your website. It is very important and useful.

There are Webmasters who use a specific setting present in WordPress that don’t allow any search engine to crawl your website. But you want search engines to crawl so you must select setting then reading and uncheck “discourage search engine from indexing this site” option. After that Google spiders would be able to crawl and do their work.


These weren’t all the reasons why a website doesn’t appear in the listing. But these were the top ones. By following the tips and tricks given above you would be able to cope with issues and rank up in Google’s listing.

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