A brand represents an embodiment of all the information associated with an establishment, product or service. A brand comprises of a distinct logo design, typography and font structure, colour palette schemes and symbols that are used in all promotional materials. A firm’s brand is its most valuable asset and in many ways the influential force behind it. When a strong brand is established, people remember your organisation and the values that differentiate it and set it apart from your competition. A strong brand impacts on everything, from your ability to recruit the best staff through to growing your bottom line.
Digital Design’s team has a great deal of experience in creating engaging brand identities through informed design and compelling messaging. We offer services aimed both at start-up companies requiring help in the creation of a brand identity and marketing collaterals, as well as established organisations looking to re-brand, review their positioning, tone-of-voice and messaging.
Our core services include:

  • Brand, product and service naming
  • Brand identity / logo design
  • Brand Audits
  • Brand perception research
  • Brand strategies
  • Brand Taglines
  • Brand guidelines
  • Message development
  • Internal communications
  • Trademark Screening
  • Global Language check

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